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It feels like it's been forever since I've updated this journal. And really, it has been. Things have been so very messed up lately, I just haven't had the time for any fandoms, fetish 'fic or anything else. Life = not the win right now.

tg, I sent out a package to you AGES ago. I was just wondering if it got there yet? :/ Also, I know I've been slow and haven't registered the books you sent me yet, but that's also due in part to I lent the Angel book to my cousin, and the other one you sent me to my friend in the hospital. My cousin hasn't returned the Angel one yet, and my friend is really attatched to the school one, and I can't bear to take it away from her. But yeah... package? Did it arrive? I hope I didn't write your address down wrong. I was pretty out of it when I labled the box, so... Meh. If it didn't get there, let me know and I'll put another one together for you. :)

I need a break from life. I'm tired, mentally and emotionally and physically. I've had heat stroke twice this summer already, and right now I would be grateful just to curl up someplace dark and cool and sleep for a very long time.

I've had lots of ideas for 'fics, but I just haven't had the time, or the heart, to sit down and write. I'm thinking of donating my plot bunnies to the generator, but the thing is I don't know if anybody would be into my fandoms. King's Quest, anybody? Kingdom Hearts? Gabriel Knight?

My dog isn't eating, and I think she's gone blind in one eye. And I have the feeling that my birthday isn't going to be a great one this year. It's only my twenty-second, though; no big deal, right?

Sigh. Hi guys. How've you been?



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