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So, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to get the RENT DVD until last night at around nine. Everywhere I went last night around my place was sold out, so my dad picked it up for me on his way home from work -- apparently it's more popular on DVD than it was in the theater around here because he said he had to go to four different stores before he found a copy, and he got the LAST ONE at the Rogers by his work. Wow!

I watched it with my best friend tonight, and despite her hollering 'MOVIE OVER' when 'Without You' started playing, it was a wonderful experience to share with her. She was hugging my stuffed bear Collins, and I was hugging my plushie puppy Angel throughout the entire ending. I honestly thought I wouldn't react to the movie as strongly as I did in the theaters -- that's just the way it always is with me. I cried like a baby during Moulin Rouge in the theater, but when I watch the DVD I barely shed a tear anymore. But I wasn't disappointed with RENT -- it was just as incredible on the TV as it was on the silver screen. My mum even stepped in at the beginning, on her way to work, and during 'Tango Maureen' she said she got chills. During the beginning, when the actors were lined up on stage singing 'Seasons Of Love', she said that Wilson was her favorite. Then when Angel was playing his drums the first time, she said 'Oh, I like him too!' and I had to stop and go 'aww' at her because she's so adorably thick sometimes. But good for her, loving Wils / Angel right away. Sigh, my mum has good taste.

The DVD itself is beautiful. The menu is wonderful, and it's put together perfectly.

Cut for possible DVD / Deleted scene spoilersCollapse )

All in all, an extraordinary DVD experience. Completely beautiful, and completely worth the wait I feel. Something that will proudly be displayed for as long as I have someplace to put it.

You know, there are times when we're dirt broke, and hungry, and freezing... and I ask myself... why the hell am I still living here? And then they call. And I remember."

Jan. 18th, 2006

Hello dear friends page.

I know. It's been forever, yeah? Far too long for my good. Rest assured, I do have a reason for my absent...ness.

Two weeks ago yesterday my family and I went through the terrors of a fairly serious house fire, which started in my room. The cause was most likely the candle I had been burning before leaving my room, even though I'm positive I blew it out. But that's not the point here. The point is, my family and myself have been, and will be for three to six more months, without a home. And with no home, there can be no computer.

There IS a computer in the office at the motel we've been staying at, though it's a lot of trouble to get onto it, and I hate barging in here, so I probably won't be signing on from here too often. But I've already been told by several friends that I can go online at their places as well. So hopefully my three to six months without a computer will go much faster than it should. I've got my fingers crossed.

I'm sorry for being so... gone lately, darling flist. But I love you all, and I think about you daily. Several times daily. Nothing like a fire to remind you how good you really have it. There was only one fatality -- my pet hamster Jupiter. So I'm counting my lucky stars.

There's lots more to talk about, but... I don't know if I have the words yet. It's been two weeks and I'm still reeling. But I suppose that's natural.


Leap of faith...

I love winter, really I do. I love the holiday season, even though I tend to gripe about it when the last days are beginning to be ticked off the calender. My family celebrates Christmas and I celebrate Yule with my friends, so there's always much to do around this time. But I love it. I love the hustle and bustle of the season, the music, and the smell of the air. It's so... perfect.

Sorry, that wasn't supposed to come off as rambly as it did. Hah.

I've been showered with gifts thus far this season, as I have been showering. Thoughtful, beautiful gifts. Do you want to know what they are? Of course you do, you're all fascinated with my life. Admit it. Grin.

So, so far I've gotten;

The Swan Princess DVD This was my absolute favorite movie when I was younger, and I would watch it four or five times a week. I was surprised my friend remembered my saying so, though. I only mentioned it in passing one afternoon while browsing the DVDs at Rogers. Very thoughtful indeed.

A whole whack of incense. Seriously, my place will never smell not good ever again. Not that my place ever smells bad, but it smells GOOD now. I won't list off the scents I got, because there's a LOT.

A soft pink essential oil burner plus everything that is required to use it. Right this very moment my computer room is filled with the scent of cinnamon. Mmm. Happy making.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. Possibly the best gift I recieved. I wasn't expecting it at all, because I didn't think any of my friends payed attention to what I read. But my friend Jen went out of her way to read through my greatestjournal, find the quiz where I mentioned my favorite author, and looked up her latest book. I was bowled over and so touched. It's a beautiful book, too. All silver and perfect. I'm rereading the entire series, thanks to tg sending me Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager, so I'm forcing myself to wait to read it. It's hard though. :)

A Mulan doll I kid you not. My best guy friend bought me a Mulan doll from the Disney Store. It's one of the delux edition ones, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Her costume is all satin, and it's in layers the way the real Chinese garments would be. Mulan is my favorite Disney movie by far, and I know every word to it. The fact that he knew that, and he would actually get me a doll due to that fact makes me smile. I kept getting teased because I would take her out of the box, pet her hair, touch her dress, look at her hands, and then put her back. And then ten minutes I'd take her out again and do the same thing. Heh. I haven't decided what I want to do with her yet. Display her somewhere, I think. Maybe on the shelf next to my Mulan DVD? ^-^

I'm always so spoiled, I know. :)

I'm still working on tg's gift, though it's coming slowly because my computer keeps shutting down on me, and then I lose my work. Very frustrating, that. But it's coming nicely.

That's all. :)

Saigo no kisu wa tabako...

I've laboured over my new layout for four hours now, desperately trying to get it to look right, and it just wouldn't. I finally found that the ONE color tag that would affect the entire layout was "#000". Because I really am that dim witted. But, it's all been fixed now, and if I do say so... it looks GOOD.

One of these days I won't change my layout seventy times a year. One day. But for today, enjoy the fruits of my labour. Enjoy it, or I might cry. And then what kind of a monster would you be?


I got the books! Thank you so much! *squees excitedly and goes to read right away*

Oh, and how much did I love the giant Rupert Grint article you packed the box with? SO MUCH. :D <333!
La Vie Boheme
What RENT song are you?

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Just saw RENT for the second time. It was even better than the first time. And this time I was in a theater full of RENTheads. Everyone in the theater was singing and clapping and mooing and it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Oh yeah -- THIS is a truly beautiful thing. I think everybody, ALL OF YOU, should take the fourteen seconds it'll take to do it. My candle is number 1253 -- Rememberance. It won't let me light another one, so that's why I'm passing the chance onto all of you.
Okay, I need to stop spending money now. LOL

In the past two days I've bought;

° Nummy chocolates. <-- Pot Of Gold truffles. YARM.
° Digimon The Movie DVD. <-- This is one of my old, geeky anime-days movies, and it reminds me of high school. It was in the cheap bin at Rogers, so I snagged it.
° A Midsummer Night's Dream DVD. <-- Again, a high school thing. Plus, I love the play. Also in the cheap bin. People suck, clearly.
° Little Women DVD <-- I've been looking for a copy for AGES. It's the one with Winona Rider, which I adore. So... yay.
° HARRY POTTER SCENE IT? DELUX EDITION! I saw this at Chapters and I was at the till right away. It comes in a beautiful tin box with the kids on the front, and it came with trading cards and it's beautiful and wonderful and I've played it with my friends three times already, and won each time. There are even questions from Goblet of Fire which is great. One of the questions, an All Play, was a scramble of letters, and we had to make a character's name. We had this;

_ _ _ A
_ _ E E _ _ _

And I got it. I think my friends think I'm a robot or something. XD

And you should hear her beat...

You are Angel. Your name could not possibly be more
fitting to your personality. You are a kind,
caring person, who would do anything for
anyone. You are always optimistic and you have
a unique sense of style that others love about
you. When life throws you lemons, you make pink
"Today for you, tomorrow for me."

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At the theater I saw Harry Potter at ((both times)) there's this huge RENT display. It's kind of made up of cardboard cubes all stacked on each other, and on each side of every box there's a different shot of the movie, or one of the character's default images. It's huge and beautiful and I want it.

Seeing the movie on Friday. Am very excited. I need a RENT icon.

Edit: I got started taking quizzes and now I can't stop.

Ravenclaw House

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You are Vincent!

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Nov. 20th, 2005

Had a very long day today, but a very good one. Started with taking the plastic vet cone off my dog's neck. She's been in that thing for a month now, the poor dear. She was very very excited when we took it off, and started running around putting her face on everybody's chest, just to prove she could. Little tail wagging like the dickens.

My friends came over at around ten. We sat around for half an hour or so, talking and watching Home Alone, before we left for the theater to see GoF. Since it was only quarter to eleven and the show we wanted to get into was at twelve, we figured we would get there in plenty of time. HAHA wrong. When we pulled into the theater parking lot, there was a lineup that was about a block long. We all looked at each other, and it was a collective 'GULP' moment. We got into line, which obviously kept growing behind us. They didn't even open the doors to let us in until after eleven thirty, and everyone was very excited when they did so. At one point I looked at my gang and said 'Y'know what? Let's just riot. We can set Curt on fire...' They laughed. I was kidding, of course. Mostly. Did I mention we hadn't purchased tickets yet? Yeah, you can understand our gulp moment. We were TERRIFIED.

So, once we got in, Chrissy made a beeline for the first Alien Head she could find. Alien Heads, by the way, are the ticket dispensers one would use if they were paying by debit. Since the theater is shaped like a giant space ship, it makes sense. Right, anyway. So Chrissy told us that the noon show was sold out, which really? Not surprising. But we got tickets to the twelve-thirty showing. We thought it would be packed already, judging from the amount of people there had been, but it was almost empty when we got in. So we got REALLY good seats in the middle of the theater.

The trailers were the longest of my life. Though I do want to see Happy Feet, and I got excited over Superman Returns. Otherwise, no. I was very impatient.

The movie. Oh Gods and Goddesses THE MOVIE.

Cut for potential spoilers. Just 'cause I'm nice.Collapse )

I shed a final tear when the Durmstrang Ship and the Beauxbatons carriage took their leave, and then... it was over, and I was hiding under my hood so my friends couldn't see me cry. But the rest of the day, I was very subdued, the way I knew I would be.

The rest of the day was eventful, but I don't think I'll write about it now because I'm crying again, and I just want to go to bed and think.

All in all, a beautiful movie. Stunning. I'm seeing it again tomorrow. Or... today. :) I'll probably write more about it then.
We recently found out that my aunt and uncle split up over the summer. This was a huge blow to us, as they're a quite famous couple in Australia, and have never shown any signs of marital strain. Outwardly, anyway. But I guess even the closest family members can hide things from you. It upsets me because my aunt, who is my favorite person next to my mum, now has no home, as David has taken that, no money, as he was in charge of everything, a broken knee, hospital bills to pay, and next to no job because of the aformentioned broken knee. No insurance, either. Not to mention she doesn't even have citizenship for Australia, where she and David live. She doesn't know if she'll ever come back to Canada, which is what makes me saddest of all.

This morning she emailed us, and sent us a picture of her new 'boyfriend'. His name is Scooter Boy, and he's a ringtail possum. He made me smile, so I'm showing him off to you, flist, in hopes that he'll do the same for you.

Scooter BoyCollapse )

Here's to hoping for the best, and hoping David's hand gets bitten off by a crocodile.